Berlin Tegel (Otto Lilienthal) Airport (TXL)
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(Berlin, Germany)

An important transport hub on the north-western outskirts of the city, Berlin Tegel / Otto Lilienthal Airport (TXL) can be reached in around 15 minutes and is well connected to the city. Located along the eastern edge of Berlin Tegel Airport is the A105 / E26, which joins the A111.

Other notable roads close to Tegel Airport include the Bernauer Strasse, which runs outside of both the western and northern perimeter, and the Saatwinkler Damm to the south. The Tegel area of Berlin is located directly north of the airport, next to Gewerbepark Am Borsigturm, while Haselhorst, Jugfernheide and Siemensstadt all lie to the south.

Many prominent areas of green are located close to Berlin Tegel Airport. These include Volkspark Jungfernheide to the south, and Volkspark Rehberge, Goethepark and Schillerpark, all of which can be found to the south-east.

Directions to Berlin Tegel (Otto Lilienthal) Airport (TXL) from the city centre:

  • Tegel Airport is situated 9 km / 6 miles to the north-west of central Berlin
  • The airport features excellent connections to Berlin's major roads and autobahns
  • Berlin Tegel stands to the north of both the Tempelhof Airport and the Schönefeld Airport
  • Major roads that travel to Tegel Airport include the busy city motorway, the A100, the A114 and also the northern A111

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