Visiting Berlin - What to See and Do

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Berlin is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city with a significant and troubled history.

It has undergone huge reconstruction since WWII, but retains an easy-going atmosphere and many historical landmarks, as well as a thriving cultural scene, exciting nightlife and entertainment. Since reunification in 1990, it has once again become the capital of Germany.

Ten things you must do in Berlin

  • Visit the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin. Designed in the late 18th century, the gate later formed part of the Berlin Wall which separated the east and west of the city.
  • Stroll along Unter den Linden, a long avenue lined with trees and historical buildings that leads to the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Enjoy spectacular views from the Television Tower (Fernsehturm), the tallest structure in Berlin, which features a revolving restaurant and an observation platform.
  • Visit the 16th-century Spandau Citadel (Spandauer Zitadelle), a fortress surrounded by a moat, or the historic Schloss Charlottenburg, the largest palace in Berlin.
  • Learn about Berlin's rich and turbulent history at the Story of Berlin exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum.
  • Take a bus or walking tour of Berlin's most popular and interesting attractions; boat tours are also available during the summer.
  • Spend a night at the theatre or attend a concert at one of Berlin's many prestigious venues.
  • Wander around one of Berlin's acclaimed museums, including the Cultural Forum (Kulturforum), Jewish and Egyptian museums and others.
  • View some of the stunning works of art on display at Berlin's renowned galleries such as the Old National Gallery, Sammlung Berggruen and the open-air East Side Gallery.
  • Enjoy Berlin's vibrant and exciting nightlife, and discover why it has become known as one of the leading party cities in Europe.

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